Fire Warden


The staff employed in your premises with a special responsibility for fire safety acting as Fire Wardens, both Senior and Deputy Wardens.


To train fire Wardens in the basics of fire prevention and extinguishing, in order that they might reduce the possibility of fire and extinguish a small fire if one occurs. To give the skills required in order to be able to monitor the general fire safety of their working area on a day-to-day basis with specific regard to the requirements of the fire certificate.


  • Identify the main causes of fire in the workplace.
  • State the action to be taken to prevent fires.
  • Monitor the fire safety in their workplaces.
  • Recognise the correct extinguisher to use on different types of fire.
  • Use an extinguisher correctly.
  • Make an emergency call to the Fire & Rescue Service.
  • Carry out a fire evacuation procedure in accordance with Company Policy.
  • Advise other staff members on the danger of fire and the action required on discovery of a fire


  • Cause of fire
  • The physics of fire
  • Fire prevention
  • Getting the message across
  • Methods of extinguishing small fires
  • Identification of extinguishers
  • Calling the Fire & Rescue Service and evacuating the premises
  • Fire Drill procedures


On successful completion of the course delegates will be issued with a Bill Rogerson Safety Services Ltd Training Card and Certificate