Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

  • We can provide a maintenance service for Fire Extinguishers both on site and at our Practical Skills Centre. On site we check for the presence of portable extinguishers, and determine that they are located in conspicuous and readily available locations immediately available for use, and not obstructed or obscured from view.

We also

  • confirm that access to extinguishers is not obstructed.
  • make sure that the hose (if so equipped) is intact and not obstructed.
  • make sure the pressure dial reads in the green or “charged” area. It should also be clear and readable.
  • check that the pull pin is securely fastened within the handle and held in place by the tamper seal.
  • check for visible dents or cracks in the extinguisher body.
  • check that the extinguisher is in its proper location and mounted correctly.
  • check for modifications that might reduce the extinguisher’s functionality.
  • make sure that the fire extinguisher has a label and that is is legible.

It is important that Fire Extinguishers are also properly serviced usually annually and tested (and replaced if required) as per manufacturers instructions by the extinguisher provider.