Crane Appointed Person


This 2 – day course is designed to give delegates the knowledge and skills required to undertake the role of Appointed Person for lifting operations.

This course will cover the following elements:

  • Legislation
  • Terminology
  • Code of Practice
  • The overall planning of lifting operations
    • Where the load is picked up from
    • Where the load will be placed
    • Weight of the load
    • How the load is to be slung
    • How the crane driver will be directed
    • Proximity of the public
  • Production of Method Statements
  • Risk Assessment forms
  • Maintaining and recording tests and inspections
    • Lifting equipment
    • Cranes
  • Authorisation of Slingers / Signallers

On successful completion of the course delegates will be issued with a Bill Rogerson Safety Services Ltd Training Card and Certificate