Confined Space Entry


A  one day course covering the types, risks, legislation effecting, and awareness of equipment associated with working in confined spaces.


To make staff aware of the many types and forms of confined spaces, the risks and dangers associated therewith; the actions and precautions to take before entering a space; and the types and use of equipment associated with confined spaces.


Having completed the course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Identify what is, and what is not, a confined space, and if the Confined Space Regulations should apply.
  • Discuss the various dangers likely to arise within the space.
  • Carry out a full and accurate Risk Assessment with regard to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
  • Instigate a safe system of work if entry into the space cannot be avoided.
  • Identify if air testing/monitoring equipment is required.
  • Identify if escape/working breathing apparatus equipment is required
  • Operate and use harnesses, lifelines and other associated equipment correctly and safely.
  • Instigate and operate effective communications systems.
  • Assess and consider the need for emergency/rescue equipment and procedures.


  • Description and Definition of a Confined Space.
  • The Risks and Dangers of Confined Spaces.
  • Legislation and Safe Systems of Work.
  • Air Quality Testing and Monitoring Equipment.
  • Escape/Working Breathing Apparatus Awareness.
  • Awareness of Rescue and Resuscitation Equipment.
  • Basic Rescue and First Aid.
  • Communications Systems.


A test will be set to ensure a satisfactory level of competence has been achieved.

A Certificate will be awarded to delegates who reach the required standard.