CIEH Risk Assessment


A properly implemented programme of risk assessment can assist in the prevention of injuries, fatalities, property damage incidents and other losses. This not only helps to prevent loss and suffering, but also assists the effective management and finance of any business or organisation. Apart from the corporate and personal benefits arising from risk assessment, employers and the self-employed have a legal duty to make suitable and sufficient risk assessments to the health and safety of employees, non-employees and the self-employed.

The Risk Assessment: Principles and Practice programme is designed for anyone with a responsibility to conduct risk assessments. It is particularly useful for managers and supervisors but it will be equally beneficial to individual workers, team leaders, technicians, engineers or any other personnel contributing to the risk assessment process.

Employers need to ensure that individuals carrying out risk assessments are competent to do so. Competency does not necessarily require particular qualifications but involves a combination of knowledge, experience, skills and personal qualities. Assessors must have an understanding of the workplace and work activities, knowledge of the best practicable means to reduce risks and an ability to make informed judgements. A necessary precursor is that they have adequate knowledge and understanding of the principles of, and procedures for, caring out risk assessments, this is the subject of this qualification.


Successful completion of the training programme, assignment and self evaluation will enable candidates to:

  • Contribute to the risk assessment programmes at their workplaces
  • Conduct risk assessment (assuming they have the necessary technical knowledge in relation to the activities/environments/issues being assessed)
  • Organise and implement a risk assessment programme where this has not already been started
  • Participate in the identification of specific training needs for the activities being assessed
  • Assist employers in meeting legal requirements and promote improved standards of health and safety within their organisation

Suitable candidates for the programme and assessment will need to have good standards of written and oral communication, the ability to analyse workplaces and work activities, the confidence and ability to seek additional advice and information and the capability to work as part of a team.