CDM Awareness & Principal Contractor

This is a two-day course designed by Bill Rogerson Safety Services Ltd for the training of persons appointed to the role of the Client.

It is a highly participatory course that aims to teach the essentials that every Client needs to know to enable him/her to effectively undertake the role and responsibilities.

All delegates are assessed via a one-hour examination at the end of the course.


Day 1:

  • An Introduction to CDM
  • The Individual Roles
    • The Client
    • The CDM Adviser
    • The Principal Designer
    • The Principal Contractor
    • The Designer
    • The Contractors
  • The Pre-Construction Health and Safety Information
  • The Construction Health and Safety Plan
  • The Health and Safety File
  • The Notification F10

Day 2:

  • The Client- Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Assessment of a Construction Health and Safety Plan
  • Completing the Notification F10

1 Hour Assessment
The first day can be undertaken as an awareness course for delegates