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The ProQual Level 7 Diploma in Construction Senior Management

£1,995.00 +VAT

The ProQual Level 7 Diploma in Construction Senior Management is aimed at senior managers in the construction industry working in a wide range of job roles.





The ProQual Level 7 Diploma in Construction Senior Management is aimed at senior managers in the construction industry working in a wide range of job roles. The awarding body for this qualification is ProQual Awarding Body (www.proqualab.com) and the regulatory body is the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual); It is also endorsed by the sector body for construction – CITB. The qualification has been accredited onto the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is published on Ofqual’s Register of Qualifications.


Qualification Profile:


Qualification Title ProQual Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management
Ofqual Qualification Number 603/0298/7
Level Level 7
Total Qualification Time 1440 hours
Guided Learning Hours 440


Pass or Fail

Internally assessed and verified by centre staff External quality assurance by ProQual verifiers


Entry Requirements:


There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. There will be an initial assessment of a candidate’s skills and knowledge to identify any gaps and help plan the assessment. This qualification is approved for candidates aged 19+


The NVQ Process:


Prior to starting your NVQ you will be required to complete our registration process. Please email nvq@billrogersonsafety.co.uk and one of our assessors will contact you.


You will complete your NVQ via our online portfolio platform and there are no exams.



Each candidate is required to produce a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates their achievement of all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each unit.


Your evidence could include but not limited to

  1. observation report by assessor
  2. assignments/projects/reports
  • professional discussion
  1. witness testimony
  2. candidate product
  3. worksheets
  • record of oral and written questioning


Learning outcomes set out what a candidate is expected to know, understand or be able todo.


Assessment criteria specify the standard a candidate must meet to show the learningoutcome has been achieved.


On successfully completing your NVQ, you will be eligible to apply for a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Manager’s Card (Black)


Qualification Structure:


Candidates must complete all of the Mandatory units


Mandatory Units
Unit Ref Unit Title Level
K/615/1332 Manage teams in construction 7
M/615/1333 Lead and participate in meetings in construction management 5
T/615/1334 Provide ethical advice, judgement, and service in construction management 7
A/615/1335 Develop self and others in construction management 6


Group B Optional Units


Group B1 Project Development Units


Optional Units
Unit Ref. Title Level
F/615/1336 Prepare and agree a project brief and development programme in construction 7



L/615/1338 Manage design development and processes in construction 7
J/615/1337 Assess and evaluate the environmental impact of developments in construction management 7
R/615/1339 Evaluate sustainable resources and requirements in construction management 6
J/615/1340 Manage marketing and customer service in construction organisations 7


Group B2 Procurement Contracts and Budget Units


Optional Units
Unit Ref. Title Level
L/615/1341 Implement strategic sourcing partnerships in construction management 7
R/615/1342 Establish project procurement arrangements in construction management 7
Y/615/1343 Manage procurement processes in construction management 7
D/615/1344 Prepare and submit estimates, bids and tenders in construction management 6
H/615/1345 Ensure that contracts are prepared, negotiated and concluded in construction management 7
K/615/1346 Control organisational and project income and expenditure in construction management 7


Group B3 Project Control Units


Optional Units
Unit Ref. Title Level
M/615/1347 Manage project risks and opportunities in construction 7
T/615/1348 Manage project processes in construction 7
A/615/1349 Manage project evaluation and feedback in construction 7
A/615/1383 Control project outcomes in construction 7
M/615/1350 Evaluate and progress the resolution of disputes in construction management 7
T/615/1351 Manage project completion in construction 6